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Protection of individual information policy
To use it users' being relieved, minimum individual information is offered in "SURUGA SPEED".
The maximum attention is paid about the protection of offered individual information in "SURUGA SPEED".
The idea of the protection of individual information of "SURUGA SPEED" is as follows.

■The one of our company to pay close attention to the protection of member individual information is an individual, a group registered by the member (Mr. Honor of the shop), and uses only to develop and to provide state-of-the-art function and service in "SURUGA SPEED", and corporate information.
■The coverage of this privacy policy is only service provided by "SURUGA SPEED".
■I will not do use other than the purpose, except when described clearly in this rule.
■I will not indicate it to the third party, except when described clearly in this rule.
■Additionally, appropriate management by the method of regulations by this rule is regularly done.
■"SURUGA SPEED" can change the privacy policy without the permission of the user.

When "SURUGA SPEED" changes the change and the content of indication of the change and use of the content of the individual information acquisition, I will notify by opening to the public to information of our homepage so that the user may hear of the content, and reflecting it in this privacy policy.

Name of the company Suruga Performance Co.,Ltd
TEL 81-54-278-8812