sruga supeed is

Suruga-speed products are all original product design and development.
Japanese maker of high technology products.

Since its inception, has a philosophy to make products based on all products in compliance.
We started from ordermade-muffler. Something learned by experience the user request. Are based on current product making it.

Advanced development-oriented company ahead of other times. Creative product ideas are supported by many users. Suruga speed has grown to a leading industry in the muffler.
Muffler not only power, sound quality and comfortable products to pursue modeling and design.
Its products are accepted by the market with great applause and became huge hits.
This product is more evolved "PFS Loop sound muffler" is connected to.
And pioneering products and enhance parts of the industry body, "Suruga-bar" Our first product intake "Air control chamber" are popular.

Market evaluation of our products is Has been demonstrated in many of our board users. There are more than covered compared to other manufacturers.
Ability to develop attractive products and technology have been evaluated. The evaluation, to Japan's largest car dealers and leading dealer for Toyota and Nissan's joint development and OEM products now.

Listen to evaluate our products on the market, we visited the representatives of major auto manufacturers.
They experience our products. We got a good evaluation. Are increasingly appreciated.

Our products are very expensive products to other manufacturers from the market price of any general.
But the market has been extremely supportive.
Currently, Suruga speed is widely recognized as a premium brand.

It is car communications site "Mincala" of a Japanese maximum level, and a lot of surugaspeed products are the talk titles.

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